We are a small architectural practice dedicated to providing quality building design and documentation services.

We aim to provide a creative and resolved design solution that best meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our design approach recognizes the unique potential of architecture for the creation of experiential and purposeful spaces for people to live and work.

We endeavour to provide an appropriate level of thoroughness and clarity in our documentation so that construction can proceed efficiently.

Residential Property Developments

Our passion is in the procurement of quality residential developments. We seek to provide a design solution that response to market trends and to client/stakeholders’ objectives.

We recognize the importance of collaboration and united teamwork in the delivery of a successful development.

Adaptable, Accessible & Livable Homes

We have gained many years of experience in designing and documenting housing for people with special needs and access requirements.

We have over 15 years of experience in providing services to the Department of Health & Human Services in the procurement of community housing projects.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in designing to the Livable Housing Design Guideline (http://www.livablehousingaustralia.org.au) and to Australian Standard - AS 1428 (Design for access  and mobility).

We seek to design homes that are comfortable, easy to access in and around the house and can be easily and economically adapted as the occupants’ requirements change.

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